Felty: Felted animals and dolls.

One day, I thougt: There are many stuffed animals made by cloth.
What about felt ?
Without seam?

That's why I began to make them!
They don't have any seam or stitche except for mouth or nose' on their face.

*Alice (2004)

100% wool. I worked her face with felting needle, and spun yarn for her hair.
It took three days to implant all the hair!

Cloth, shoes are also made of felt.

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Nipooh (2003)

My first feltwork. I tryed to make a bear by felt at that time.
But it became long face, so I add long ears with it.
I dyed the wool by peppermint in light pale yellow-green.


My second work.


One of my friend asked me to make bear for her friend's wedding present.

Inside of the bear's body, there is a tasse which has heart on it.
Because I hoped the bear would have "heart", and be a good friend for the keeper.
I made another tassel for the keeper.


I made him for my new years card.
2004 was "year of Monkey" according to the Chinese zodiac calender, and many new years cards have monkey's picture on them in Japan.

More photo is here on my weblog.

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Hazel and fiber


The names comes from "Watership Down ", which I love to read.
The wool is Jacob sheep.

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Sleepy Dogs(2004)

I made for baby's toy. One of my freinds asked me.
For baby, they have less buttons, and any removable items. There is a bell inside of them.

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