PC Desktop Wallpaper (Monthly Calendar)

Here are Wallpaper of my Latest Needle Feltworks. Available in JPG file formats, it includes a month-at-a-glance calendar for Windows and Mac OS.
To download Wallpaper, pick the appropriate screen size from the choices below.

Permission - to use these images:

The images and calenders on this site can be used free only for personal/home use. You may not sell these images or include them in any collections for distribution or use them in any form or for commercial purposes. Please do not modify or change any of the images or wallpapers. Thank you.


For Windows users

Click on the hyperlink to open new window of the picture.
Right-click over the image and choose "Set As Wallpaper.Right-click on the hyperlink that corresponds to your preferred screen resolution (if you aren't sure what this is, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and Display, then click on the Settings tab; it's the value displayed in the Screen area box).

For Mac users

Click and hold over the image to choose "Download Image to disk"/ "Save This Image As". Save the file to a folder you will remember.

Go to the Appearance of Control Panel, then choose the "desktop". Click on "Place Picture" to choose the picture you just saved.

Click on "set desktop."

2009 November: Autumn Leaves


2009 October: Halloween


2009 September: Moonshining Party

2009 August: Foundings at the seashore

2009 July :Sunflower

2009 May and June: Fair Wind!

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